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Hi everyone!


Just launched our biggest Sale on our site, inclusive of some past season items from brands like Minidressing, Young One Apparel, Huxbaby and Kukukid and more.

You can check it out here!


Sharing some of our favourites from this sale that you should totally get:


Huxbaby Rolling Bears Dress


Minidressing Brown Raccoon Bag

and Brown Raccoon Socks


Peaches and Cream Dress in Pink


Crochet There Lovely Floral Blouse


Baby Bandits Romper


Baby Bandits Varsity Jacket


Bed of Roses Dress in Purple and other lovely dresses

While stocks last, get yours before they are gone!

Happy Shopping!


Brand Feature: Little Ondine Nail Polish

Twinning with kids / parents have become a recent trend, one which can be both cute and fun for kids and parents alike.

I love to be able to #twin with my girls, but sometimes I still feel a little shy to wear the same outfits with them. My girls love to be able to wear same things with me as well, so I am usually on the lookout for items I can twin with Naomi and Skyler without being too tacky.


When Little Ondine approached us to review their items, I was super excited and happy to find out that this amazing Nail Polish brand not only promises to be odour-free and quick-drying, it is also easy to remove – you just peel it off- and the best part… wait for it..

It’s a all-natural, water-based product that doesn’t not have any harmful chemicals (YAY to no chemincals!)  as found in many other brands!


This also means that it is safe for kids to wear them!


Naomi with Little Ondine Pop Rocks Nail Colour!

While playing dress up, you can add the nail polish to pretty the girls up and even if they have school the next day, you just peel it all off in a matter of seconds!


Dressing up as a Princess with glittery nails!


Pretty as Princess nails!

Now the girls can wear same colour of nail polish with me as a way of twinning too!


Even if you do not have little girls to twin with, I love the entire idea of Little Ondine Nail Polish being easy to peel off, which means mistakes made by my untrained shaky hands can be easily corrected! Peel it all off, and you have a brand new canvas again!  (A life saver for me!)


Naomi trying to peel off her nail polish before school next day!

So easy and weirdly satisfying! Haha!

It is also perfect for people who love to match their outfits. Imagine a different nail polish every day to match your wardrobe; it is no longer a time-consuming feat and definitely not harmful to your nails. The quick dry + easy peel off formula saves time and your nails, as you do not need to soak your nails in harmful acetone removers anymore!

Lasting effects of the nail polish do depend on how you care for your nails or how careless you are. Naomi’s polish usually gets peeled off by the next day as she is not careful and is quite rough in her play (contrary to how she looks) and I wouldn’t put the polish on Skyler’s hands as she still tries to puts her fingers in her mouth. For adults though, it should last as long as you are careful. Even when it is peeled off accidentally, it is always a breeze to re-apply the colour!


Even the amateur me can do some simple nail art all in the matter of minutes!

What do you think? Not too bad, is it?


The colours as seen here in this post are L070 Cherry Blossoms and L028 Poprocks. Both colours were chosen by Naomi, and she loves them! I prefer the glitter to the pink as it is more versatile.. but I may just get more colours to try as it seems that the amateur me can still attempt pretty nails at the comfort of my home without being too beat up by all the mistakes I made. I mean, just wait a minute to peel it off and YAY to a clean canvas!


If you would like to try Little Ondine for yourself or for your little ones, I have a special code for my followers and readers DREAMS10 which allows you to enjoy 10% discount off your purchase! Code is valid till end of April 2016!

Go here to see all the beautiful colours available and find out more about this amazing new beauty product that has me believing in painting my own nails again. Well, and the kids too!




Hi everyone, we’re finally back on the blogosphere!

We’ve been busy with our shop and 2 littles, and yes I’ve completely neglected our little blog we have here.

Hopefully now with Smileybunny in school (yes, she’s already attending school!) I have more time on my hands to write on the blog as well!


Some updates:

1)  We’ve been bringing in lots of new upcoming kids brands from all over the world, and we can’t wait to introduce more! We will be showcasing brands that we are currently stocking and bringing in too! These brands include:


2) This blog will also start to feature some kids fashionistas under Style File, so you can get some style tips and know more about them and their brand crushes!


3) We have started reviewing some kids-related products and brands on our Instagram account @daphneerokhin and we will be sharing some of our reviews here under Features!


Here are some photo highlights of Naomi and Skyler since our last post:


Naomi during Christmas 2015.
At Marina Bay Sands Ice Skating Ring where they transformed the place into a little magical wonderland.


One of our favourite outfits on Naomi! Sporting some our favourite Instagram brands, including @whistleandflute,, @livandny !

Amazing how much this little one has grown over the past few months.


Naomi’s preferred choice of outfit is really anything with a tutu…

and you can tell how she instantly becomes more dainty when wearing one!


Skyler has certainly grown since her first birthday! Here, she’s wearing our @minidressing Brown Raccoon socks

and the lovely romper which comes from one of our favourite Australian brands, @heartmeluv.



Dressing up girls is really a ton of fun!

Trying out a bohemian styled look on Skyler here with our favourite floral top.


Skyler in the iconic @whistleandflute Kawaii Sushi Tee!

Love pairing simple tees with tutu skirts and high cuts!

I will be sharing more of their photos and outfits here when I can!


Smileybunny is One

It’s been almost a year, and we’re finally back on the blogosphere!

We’ve been up to many things, including revamping the blog and integrating it to our shop’s domain, bringing in new brands to the shop, and most importantly, raising the kids!


Our littlest one is already 1! (How time flies!)

So here’s some updates on our #smileybunny so far :

See how she has grown:



We’ve also celebrated her birthday in July with a ‘Smileybunny is One’ theme!



Now that we are back, we will definitely aim to blog more often! Meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram @daphneerokhin where I update daily about the kids and our shop  @dreamsavesg where we will post about New Launches and products, giveaways, and features of our lovely customers.


Hope to see you around!


Happy Mid-Autumn

I have really fond memories of Mid-Autumn Festival growing up.

Until now, I still remember gathering at my Grandmother’s place to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with all my cousins, all of us eagerly waiting for the annual lantern walk-about the neighbourhood. While waiting for the highlight of the evening, we would try the mooncakes the adults so eagerly asked us to try, sampling the different types (lotus seed, with egg yolk or no yolk, etc… there were not as many varieties back then!) and also keep close to the lanterns that were already hanging on the balcony.

For the most of it, we were just DYING to light the candles and put them in the paper lanterns ourselves and readying them on sticks so we could walk around happily with lanterns around the neighbourhood.

Ok, I admit.


So it was more of looking on eagerly while the adults were doing all the preparations.

Then waiting for the green light so we could finally get out to play… while the adults hope we don’t burn the lanterns or worse, something else.

Sweet memories 😛

So I was really excited this year when Naomi’s school was also having a Mid-Autumn celebration with a lantern walk-about!

Here are some pictures


On the way to school and all excited for her Mid-Autumn Celebration.


Joining her friends from school.



Love how she looks so happy and contented <3

Singing songs and having fun!  Love how some of her teachers and friends dressed up in cheong sams for the celebration too! Looks all fun and easy right? Bet what you didn't know was that she had to bring along her entourage:

Singing songs and having fun!

Love how some of her teachers and friends dressed up in cheong sams for the celebration too!

Looks all fun and easy right?

Bet what you didn’t know was that she had to bring along her entourage:

Just Kidding!

Just Kidding!

Just her three biggest fans (including me of course!) following along for a great evening.

Dreams Avenue wishes everyone a great Mid-Autumn, and a fantastic week ahead!

中秋节快乐 !